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Month – February 2016

The Heating System

The project “Structural and Architectural Restoration of the Calvinist Church in Sic” stated the requirement of heating the church building in order to insure the necessary comfort. In choosing the heating system, the following criteria were considered: the relatively big surface and tall height of the building; architectural and furniture conditions, the church being mostly […]

Artificial Light: A Current Need

Light has the power to emphasize the architecture embedded in style, forms, texture and color and it can create atmosphere, defining the form of objects and suggesting their function. The implementation of a lighting system is a long process that goes from concept through design and integration within a complex network to the final in […]

The Architectural Concept of the Church Ceilings and Roof Structures

Even though the project designed by the architect Károly KÓS yielded the conclusion that all the roof structures and ceilings in the church date back to the middle of the last century, the restoration work revealed certain novelties. After dismantling the ceiling, on one hand it became evident that the majority of horizontal beams were […]

The Restoration of Mural Paintings in the Choirs, the Sacristy and the Naves of the Church

During restoration, the plaster and paint layers covering the mural paintings were gradually removed, while all the overlapping pictorial surfaces have been kept. Loose plaster surfaces were fixed by selvage technique and injection (grouting), plaster gaps being filled with lime mortar. The retouch was elaborated using watercolor without adding a binder, thus the chromatic integration […]

Structural Interventions in the Choirs and Sacristy

The oldest areas of the church were also the most degraded ones. Before the start of the 2013-2015 restoration, the majority of walls and all the vaults had several fissures, cracks and fractures. Walls. After assembling the scaffolds inside the central choir, all the surfaces with historical plaster and mural paintings were researched and revealed. […]

The Architectural Restoration Concept of the Church Interior

The concept governing the restoration of the church was to maintain and reveal as much as possible all the historical elements preserved in the building. The ”red line” of this restoration links external and internal spaces, consequently three types of masonry and plaster are present inside the church as well: 1. medieval masonry with medieval […]

Structural Interventions in the Nave, the Tower and the Galleries of the Church

Despite interventions in 1946-47 and 1963, before the 2013-2015 restoration, the naves of the church (especially the Northern one) were severely degraded. The Western façade (North-West corner) had deep, visible cracks (fractures) and hidden ones appeared in the Northern façade. The different rigidity degrees of various architectural units, the wrong structural and anti-seismic concepts, the […]

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