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The Heating System

The project “Structural and Architectural Restoration of the Calvinist Church in Sic” stated the requirement of heating the church building in order to insure the necessary comfort.
In choosing the heating system, the following criteria were considered: the relatively big surface and tall height of the building; architectural and furniture conditions, the church being mostly furnished with rows of pews mounted on boards; integrating the heating system with the general aesthetic requirements, maintaining the character of the historical monument; silent functioning mood; safety, reliability, efficiency of utilization; a capacity to reach optimal functioning characteristics as fast as possible in order to reduce heating costs; relatively cheap and available fuel.
With these requirements in mind we chose a heating system of the following characteristics: central heating type system, the source of energy being a wall mounted gas condensing boiler (power 60 kW), placed in the sacristy, the place being determined as the corner with the least historic plaster surfaces nearby.
The radiators are under-floor convectors with special hardwood grid, integrated into the floorboards of the restored historic church pews. The heating system is bi-tubular, carried out with the use of thermo insulated polyethylene tubes with high quality aluminium inlay, placed under the stone floor of the church and inside the floor boards of the pews. The heating liquid is antifreeze compound with a freezing temperature of -10°C.
Thus a local heating system was created in the church building, using under-floor convectors placed under the pew floor boards, which will generate a curtain of warm air in the adjacent area providing for the required thermo-comfort in a relatively short period after being started.

Sanitary units, water and sewerage
The old, obsolete rain water and cold water sewerage system had to be replaced by a modern one. The sewerage of the restroom was solved by using a septic tank. The ideal placement of the restroom, having in mind the overall view of the monument and the traditions of the local community as well, was among the most difficult challenges of the entire design process.

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