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The Architectural Restoration Concept of the Church Interior

The concept governing the restoration of the church was to maintain and reveal as much as possible all the historical elements preserved in the building. The ”red line” of this restoration links external and internal spaces, consequently three types of masonry and plaster are present inside the church as well:
1. medieval masonry with medieval plaster and mural paintings or inscriptions on it (choir, Southern side aisle and partially Northern side aisle, sacristy, Southern side nave and the area above the triumphal arch);
2. medieval masonry with age-specific plaster – actually the same areas, the sporadically decayed surfaces needed to be completed;
3. masonry executed/modified in 1946 or after, with smooth plaster (Western, Northern and Southern walls of the central nave, partially, transversal nave, tower, portico);
The colour of the plaster is identical on external and internal surfaces.
The entire stone floor was dissembled, only the stone tiles of good condition being re-used. These were used to cover the medieval areas (Southern and Northern side choirs, central choir and the sacristy). For the rest, new limestone tiles were employed, product of the Aghireș quarry.
The floors of the tower and of the Northern and Western reconstructed galleries were executed in wood, overlapping the reconstructed structures. The adjacent staircases have been demolished and reconstructed to comply.
The Western gallery had two levels, the higher one, being increasingly dangerous, was eliminated. The first level screened the upper part of the main entrance of the church. The solution was to reconstruct the Western gallery (supporting the organ) using a mixed steel-timber structure and to elevate it in order to relieve the Gothic archivolt of the entrance. Thus the difference in level between the first level of the tower and the height of the gallery was also corrected.
The Northern gallery, the ”lad gallery”, was entirely rebuilt with mixed steel-timber structure, with a wooden tribune structure, employed in order to allow a better view over the pulpit.
The presentation is continued on the panels concerning interventions carried out on restored artistic elements: (i) mural paintings, (ii) carved stone and (iii) timber, further data are given on the description of ceilings and roof structures.
The furniture was also restored and its original 18th century colour was re-established, after the restorer of wooden artistic elements had identified the proper hue. Benches were given new support boxes, designed to host the heating system of linear radiators.

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