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Structural Interventions in the Nave, the Tower and the Galleries of the Church

Despite interventions in 1946-47 and 1963, before the 2013-2015 restoration, the naves of the church (especially the Northern one) were severely degraded. The Western façade (North-West corner) had deep, visible cracks (fractures) and hidden ones appeared in the Northern façade. The different rigidity degrees of various architectural units, the wrong structural and anti-seismic concepts, the incorrect technological solution, the poor building material and several architectural details incompatible with the historical nature of the structure led to an advanced degradation of the entire building. The centers of mass and those of rigidity do not coincide, foundations are embedded into founding soils of different types, some layers of which are active clay, while the foundations of some of the walls have not been deeply enough embedded into the proper funding soil (insufficient depths of merely 35-65 cm for the Northern and Western axes). Consequently, the most degraded structural elements of the church were its walls, in an advanced state of fissure, including cracks and fractures.
After having consolidated the foundations, fissures and cracks were re-bonded, wedged, grouted and reinforced with helical bars. In the most degraded areas, such as the Northern façade, the wall was partially rebuilt. For a proper breathability of foundations and walls, lime-based (hydraulic) plaster was used and an airing drain/ditch was created around the building.
The wooden gallery support structures were atypical (non-engineer) and under-designed, thus they were demolished and replaced with contemporary mixed structures of timber and steel.
The stories and staircases in the tower were replaced and a supplementary platform was inserted.

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