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Artificial Light: A Current Need

Light has the power to emphasize the architecture embedded in style, forms, texture and color and it can create atmosphere, defining the form of objects and suggesting their function. The implementation of a lighting system is a long process that goes from concept through design and integration within a complex network to the final in situ implementation.
The overall lighting system inside the church, tested through several experimental lighting sessions is a mixture of various types of lighting: direct and indirect, from above and from below, general and in accents, adapted to each space as required by the architectural context and the concepts elaborated by architects, restorers and lighting experts.
The wooden chandeliers were removed, as their light revealed distant and dark ceilings. This is how the idea of creating a starry sky, in the central and lateral naves came, with the aim to illuminate and bring the concept of divinity closer. This was realized using a system of small, movable spots integrated within the boards of the new ceiling.
Lighting the choir was another challenge. The space with powerful Gothic elements, with stone pillars and mural paintings on huge wall surfaces required a different lighting solution that would provide sufficient light, lit the paintings without damaging them and to integrate the images into the architectural environment. The small reflectors mounted on pillar capitals and the minimalist chandelier fulfils this requirement properly. The result is a unique space worth the attention of the viewer.
Lateral aisles and the areas with painted walls and vaults were lit using a system of lighting from below, integrated within the stone floor, meant to avoid both blinding and radiating light.
The entire lighting system employed in the church uses LED sources of light, which are energetically efficient, cool and UV radiation free so they would not irreversibly damage the mural paintings. Furthermore, colours are properly lit and the entire system is of low maintenance costs.
Historical monuments do have their night-time face as well, thus the lighting concept has a chapter concerning the external space allowing for the historic building to be admired after sunset as well.

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