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Structural and Decorative Artistic Components of Carved Stone of the Sic Calvinist Church

Structural and decorative artistic components of carved stone are present both inside and on the facades of the Sic Calvinist Church. On the facades of the church the following carved stone elements can be seen: the main entrance frame with a Gothic archivolt (Western façade), as well as window frames comprising elements of secondary use (Southern and Northern naves). Original elements are on the Eastern end such as: a multifoil Gothic window-frame, some trefoil windows, twin window frames, buttresses with a Gothic cornice plinth, as well as an eaves cornice with Gothic cantilevers.
Before the current restoration interventions, the carved stone artistic elements both on façades and inside the church were in an advanced state of deterioration, with multiple fissures, breakages and had cement based completions, additions, incompatible with the nature of the stone.
On portions of the choir wall, protected from the weather, the upper part of the plinth was preserved in a relatively good state, with fragments of the original profile. Nevertheless the simple edged lower part was destroyed with the addition of limestone tiles, using cement based mortar and iron joints. The same elements were covered with a layer of cement mortar on the Southern side nave.
The primary aim was to preserve and restore the elements in situ, and where functionality made it necessary, aesthetic completions, reconstructions, new carvings were effected.
Inside the church we will find carved stone components of volcanic tuff, richly spread across the choir and fewer along the aisles and the naves.
The choir has a total of eight pillars, those sustaining the triumphal arch, included. The capitals are decorated with vegetal elements. Under the capital there is a ring of connection linking it to the column. Above the capitals there are stone imposts serving as a spring for the arches of the vault. The vault arches are manufactured from naturally coloured volcanic tuff varying according to its mineral composition. The two keystones of the vault have floral decorations, typical for the Cistercian stonemasonry workshop. These keystones are polychromous, with tracks of various colours. The triumphal arch rests on two pillars with capitals with foliage decoration.
The side chapels are linked to the choir by pointed arch frames elaborated at a later time by using superimposed raw stone blocks. Beside the triumphal arch, towards the Southern aisle, there is a memorial stone dated 1619.
The nave has carved stone structural elements in the tower area and near the main entrance frame.
Some of these elements were on display, others were discovered only during the current interventions. Pre-consolidation, consolidation and restoration works have been carried out for all carved stone elements.
The stone pulpit was carved in 1793 by Ádám HORVÁTH, and it was painted and painted over several times. The later layers of paint were dissolved and we have reached the first layer of paint. Then the necessary volume corrections were performed and the polychromous aspect was restored by the mural painting restorers.
The spiralled columns of the canopied trefoil sedilia in the Southern wall of the choir were preserved in a relatively good condition, the capitals with foliage decoration were identified. The preserving method for the stone of the sedilia was determined by the presence of polychromous surfaces on the stone and mural paintings on the walls. The stone restorer thus is expected to fix the bearer surfaces under the layers of mural painting.

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